Working Principle of milking machine

by:Desing      2020-02-26
With the continuous development of science and technology, milking has basically been mechanized now, and it is no longer manual milking as before, greatly reducing labor intensity and improving milking efficiency. So what kind of working principle does the milking machine use to complete the milking process? The principle of the milking machine is to imitate the physiological action of the calf sucking milk. The vacuum pump generates negative pressure, the vacuum regulating valve controls the vacuum degree of the milking system, and the puller generates milking and rest beats, air enters the milk collector through the small hole of the milk collector to help deliver milk from the milk collector to the milk pipeline. The main component milking machine consists of a vacuum pump and a milking machine. The former mainly includes vacuum pump, motor, vacuum tank, vacuum regulator, vacuum pressure gauge, etc. The latter consists of milking barrel, Puller, milk collector, milking cup, some conduits and rubber tubes. What should be paid attention to when using the milking machine is that the milking machine is suitable for cows with good health, good breast structure, uniform nipple size and suitable length and thickness. The use of mechanical milking, the first to ensure that the cow is healthy, if the cow is not healthy, you can not squeeze out high-quality milk. Our company specializes in designing and manufacturing all kinds of animal husbandry equipment, including all kinds of milking machines and complete milking machine accessories, to meet the needs of consumers.
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