Yong heat guard post, the deep friendship of our employees

by:Desing      2020-03-30
Since July 21, hangzhou heat hitmen, over 35 ℃, the highest temperature has been 6 days. Hot temperature, however, did not affect the enthusiasm of every Thai suye co. , LTD. , production personnel labor, premises clean, staff are all hot, orderly production operations. In every Thai suye factory every meter guardrail, frozen with first-line production staff of hard sweat and dedication. Under the employees stick to jobs, unity and cooperation, all Thai suye July 1 to yield achieved steady growth, to finish the year production target laid a solid foundation. What is the power to inspire employees braved the scorching sun hard work? Core is the proposition that Thai suye always adhering to the 'care for, to create a Shared' employee ideas. In the face of high temperature, every Thai suye organization purchasing a lot of cool and refreshing drinks, positive for production personnel to fall in the summer heat. Each production personnel with a case of coke and a box of ice black tea, perfect collocation makes two fighting in the front line of production female employees the 'fun' smile on his face. Not only cool and refreshing drinks 'all-you-can-eat', also hand a Popsicle. No matter how hot the weather, as long as the employees on the break with a Popsicle, greeting each other 'hot, hard', nature also relaxed mood. 'Ice', 'ice' essential nature. Every Thai suye prepared a lot of ice bag, if feel fan could not resist high temperature, the staff will go ice sat for a while, touch ice, ice when touching the tip of the finger, 'freshened' feeling can cool immediately. In addition to cool, ice bag is also a good helper of preventing sunstroke, care staff, production safety, this principle from which a mundane Thai suye insist for a long time. The development of modern enterprises, in the final analysis is the talent competition. Fight for our Thai suye, either in the production of front-line staff members, or for business development of depletion leading personnel, is an indispensable force in the process of enterprise development. Only pursues a 'people-oriented' management style, time don't forget to care for the staff, strengthen the interaction between managers and ordinary employees, make both parties form a harmonious and friendly relationship, make the staff feel to the strength of the collective and warm, can maximum limit arouse the enthusiasm of the employees clerkstarts, make greater contribution to the development for the enterprise. Sun still, every Thai premises suye, from the workshop to the office are permeated with braving the sweltering heat, uplifting the morale of the of the concept of a mundane ty, and the source from which a mundane ty performance! Editor: Shao Yujie tel: 171 - 5577 - 8855 E-mail: 996655505 @ qq. Com service hotline: 400 6886 222 the company web site: WWW. fantaifence。 com
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