You must know the secret: equestrian site maintenance

by:Desing      2020-03-31
With the popularity of equestrian sport, rider and horse owners horizon is more and more open, the requirement of training conditions is becoming more and more specialized. Therefore, equestrian fiber sand ground quickly became a standard of clubs and events. These two years, equestrian designer for the hundreds of equestrian club examined nearly two thousand local sample, in order to guide the racecourse is make a qualified fiber sand ground. Equestrian venue project success or failure, site material only about a third of the link, and a third is the construction technology, the most difficult to attention is the final 1/3: site maintenance. We've identified many equestrian fiber sand ground. Some are indeed construction reasons failed; There are also many, although not success, by the late maintenance can complement; There used to be a good site, because will not effect becomes poor maintenance. Such as: some sites was hard, but also repeatedly with roller compaction; Some fiber plastic racecourse guardrail sand ground was soft, but using gm's leveller on market, the field harrow walk a horse machine is full of groove, and rake up all the fibers, let a person love dearly. And the formation of the site of the rake out of the waves. This is not or improper selection result in maintenance equipment maintenance experience. There is a saying: the world is not a piece of fence equestrian site track is the same, so also does not have a site can use the same methods and equipment to maintain. Why are we so experienced? Because you walk through the hole, we all go for many times. 。 。 : to get down to business site maintenance needs watering and harrow. 。 。 The horse gate? 吗? It's as simple as that? B: yes. This body has to, walk a horse fence all experiences in life: to apply to track surface looks be like simple things is often the most easy to let people off the pit! The following is a focus - - - - - - Water, is based on uniform wetting is good, do not water. Plastic fiber sand humidity racecourse guardrail is good with uniform surface and bottom, the horse gate check method is to grab a fiber sand, clouds, the ground in hand. Rake flat segment, the choice of the tractor ( Type and horsepower) And driving technology ( Speed and route) It is very important. Don't say you have A this tractor driving experience and ten years, maintenance site need experienced people hold the job. Then, buy customized according to your site condition is flat and level. Price is similar to the market, customers and the discount. The custom, the effect certainly is not the same. Grading ( Basic) Is this made of grading, equestrian designers on the basis of field can replace parts. This is the basic model, suitable for the site of the soft hard moderate. If the hard ground, one of the red part can replace ratchet, at the same time in the flat can be soft ground. Soft fruit farm, one of the red part can replace the roller, at the same time in the flat can be compacted. If there is doubt, can contact our factory to help you guide, custom, is the best! And, no matter what kind of models, the price is the same! Provide on-site training services * ( Field use/site maintenance) And after-sales service more sweet! * field use/site maintenance training need buyers to provide travel accommodation or fees.
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