You said you like equestrian, then you know the four kinds of different forms of jumping?

by:Desing      2020-03-29
Equestrian competition is becoming more and more field format rules of jumping, do you understand? Concluded that different specification, jumping will have different rules. We introduce you the different forms of competition to above riders and horses what interests. Barrier height in the 60 - in general In different levels of competition between 160 cm, the height of the barrier must not set higher or lower than the height of the 10 centimeters. At the same time, the road design is reasonable, the gap between the obstacles are accurate, is very important for jumping. Riders and horses in the equestrian obstacles when low division ( 60 - 125 cm) , should take it as a barrier bar higher difficulty race preparation, because learning is far more important than the ranking. 1, the most common obstacle to determine how many length barrier bar and error rank the rider must ensure zero error, that he could not have barrier bar cavort error, horses can't refuse to jump movement may appear mistake. While the number of mistakes on the contrary, the pecking order by the length of time used to resolution, who takes the shortest on top. Equestrian disorder of this kind of situation events bring a big battle to road designer. Refers to the technical requirements for road design, and can guarantee the rider have choose other more recent road equestrian possibility, namely training is very good if the basic steps of the horse, the rider can save quite a lot of time in the corner. 2, penalty instead conditions of overtime contest all riders turnovers finished, will be followed by participation in an overtime. If no rider turnovers finish, so error score of 4 riders will into extra-time rob champions. The race in this way, road designer must pay attention to, impede road allowed by the time cannot too long, the rider to choose the shortest path, using the volatility of fundamental speed run, abilities to prevent the rendering time error. The root of the interior competition speed is 300 - 350 m/min, the root of the outdoor competition speed is 350 - 400 m/min, this is also the pace of the horse running speed. This breed type competition will bring the audience a great deal of excitement, so it is of course about the rider. Road designers are no more than 25% of the participants into overtime, shall ensure that it is a hard duty. Varieties of this type of competition is put forward higher requirements on the horse, because they need in a day of contest twice difficult, due to the durability of every horse with load can be related, so the ordinary conditions, within a day of horse up to participate in a varieties of this type of competition. 3, time trial in this race, pecking order determined by the time it takes. Obstacle error solution by way of penalty, YongGongFu in initially added to the total of the horse refused to jump the extending of time will also be added to the total time accordingly. In the time trial, the road designer usually don't use maximum height, can only make progress road and the difficulty of encumbrances appearance. This way the race is only applicable to trained horses and have experienced riders. Experienced riders easy to confuse the direction of roads, so for the horse and rider training positive learning effect will not occur. 4, hurdles champion with a game in the first round of the competition in the top 25% of the rider into the championship game, can both the zero error of the rider, have riders with a penalty. The rider in the champions and this field is not a mistake from zero point start, but from their errors in the first round start points. In higher level of competition, we often see the rider with beyond the speed of the ultimate speed racing on the track, but very little rider on the horse's control. A lot of time, the rider will thus obtain great league championship, even this has fraudulent representation, and can not truly reflect the ability of the rider to riding. Once hinder beyond 125 centimetres high, problems will emerge, horses often refuses to jump, because since 125 centimeters, the horses began to hope to get the rider's assisted, and as long as the rider in the low division for horse riding to ensure correct. Adjuvant is under this situation, the rider can control a horse adhere to the appropriate speed, to determine the precise takeoff point position, so that the horse can cross the barrier. , of course, the rider's safety seat must balance, the rider before takeoff, cavort in or after landing, without interfering with horses movement, still be in contact with horses.
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