Zinc steel guardrail will rust?

by:Desing      2020-03-31
Zinc steel guardrail will rust? Small make up today bring is zinc steel guardrail is not the cause of rust, hope can bring you some help! Zinc steel guardrail base material after hot-dip zinc pool soaking, exterior adsorption with a layer of zinc layer, thereby electrochemical maintenance function, avoid from inner to outer steel base material of rust. After riding fences before treatment and zinc phosphating process such as strengthening the coating and substrate adhesion. After black polyester powder coating, the durability of the coating, no matter what kind of environment, zinc steel guardrail will not rust, fading, pulverization, shattered and durable equestrian fence and bright colors. Zinc steel fence fence using imitation enamel electrophoresis track process and electrostatic spraying process, make the guardrail products have good self-cleaning function, the rains washed out and nozzle spray can if brightness is new track fences. Zinc steel guardrail and track fences to sell in the raw materials production, salt fog resistance and resistant to dry cleaning function, appropriate is used in different regions. Zinc steel guardrail quality again good, also can not help the use of a long period of time, light radiation, air pollution of impurities. In general, zinc steel guardrail equestrian fence is only required to do the following at four o 'clock this would make it more easy to rust. 1, avoid by all means use sharp objects scraped the balcony guardrail surface coating, if there is demand pull down guardrail part, keep in mind that fix the remaining local installation. 2, if there is a heavy fog weather, should use dry cloth to remove the barrier, the water drops on if rainy day, after the rain stopped to dry the water on the fence in time, make zinc steel guardrail moistureproof work. 3, in order to avoid metal rust, can dip in with cotton on most regularly rust-proof oil or sewing machine oil scrub the surface part, insist, wrought iron baluster, if brightness is new. 4, most of the zinc steel guardrail is applied in the field, the field dust float in the sky, there will be dust floating on build up little by little zinc steel guardrail, indirect effects guardrail gloss and beautiful, in turn, cause the breakage of the barrier membrane surface maintenance, so to scrub the wild zinc steel guardrail equipment regularly, general with soft cotton swab for good!
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